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I often have words form while shaping images. As a mother of two boys my musing are often about motherhood and loss of identity. Writing and creating are my ways of recapturing the parts of me that are vulnerable to decay if left untouched.

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Sometimes I breathe

Sometimes I breathe and out it goes. Everything I had saved for the day. Yet, still I move. Apart from me, my spirit drags behind like a...

I Saw While Driving

Hot concrete simmering. Cars speed and swerve in ordered disarray among trucks hauling broken debris No longer of use to somewhere unseen...


You're tired. I get it. Honey, I am too. Waves of emotion are breaking over me and the irrationality of your words spray, stinging my...

You Hold and Consume

You squirm in your seat as the knife pierces the skin. The spray of fresh scent tickles our noses, You squirm again. Slowly, carefully, I...

The Ringing of a Bell

Bound to answer the ringing bell From the monastery of my daily life. Incessant ringing for everything, Snacks, attention, injustice. The...

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