Misty Slope


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CHAPTER I Jenny Wren Gives Peter Rabbit an Idea [Cottontail]

CHAPTER II Peter and Jumper go to School

CHAPTER III More of Peter's Long-Legged Cousins

CHAPTER IV Chatterer and Happy Jack Join

CHAPTER V The Squirrels of the Trees

CHAPTER VI Striped Chipmunk and his Cousins

CHAPTER VII Johnny Chuck Joins the Class

CHAPTER VIII Whistler and Yap Yap

CHAPTER IX Two Queer Little Haymakers

CHAPTER X Prickly Porky and Grubby Gopher

CHAPTER XI A Fellow With a Thousand Spears

CHAPTER XII A Lumberman and Engineer

CHAPTER XIII A Worker and a Robber

CHAPTER XIV A Trader and a Handsome Fellow

CHAPTER XV Two Unlike Little Cousins

CHAPTER XVI Danny's Northern Cousins and Nimbleheels

CHAPTER XVII Three Little Redcoats and Some Others

CHAPTER XVIII Mice with Pockets, and Others

CHAPTER XIX Teeny Weeny and His Cousin

CHAPTER XX Four Busy Little Miners

CHAPTER XXI Flitter the Bat and His Family

CHAPTER XXII An Independent Family

CHAPTER XXIII Digger and His Cousin Glutton

CHAPTER XXIV Shadow and His Family

CHAPTER XXV Two Famous Swimmers

CHAPTER XXVI Spite the Marten and Pekan the Fisher

CHAPTER XXVII Reddy Fox Joins the School

CHAPTER XXVIII Old Man Coyote and Howler the Wolf

CHAPTER XXIX Yowler and His Cousin Tufty

CHAPTER XXX Some Big and Little Cat Cousins

CHAPTER XXXI Bobby Coon Arrives

CHAPTER XXXII Buster Bear Nearly Breaks Up School

CHAPTER XXXIII Buster Bear's Big Cousins

CHAPTER XXXIV Unc' Billy and Old Mrs. Possum

CHAPTER XXXV Lightfoot, Blacktail and Forkhorn

CHAPTER XXXVI Bugler, Flathorns and Wanderhoof

CHAPTER XXXVII Thunderfoot, Fleetfoot and Longcoat

CHAPTER XXXVIII Two Wonderful Mountain Climbers

CHAPTER XXXIX Piggy and Hardshell

CHAPTER XL The Mammals of the Sea

Misty Slope


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Misty Slope


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